• Create Hi Res plates using recursive Ops
  • Degrain then regrain for keying
  • Frequency styles separation for beauty cleanup
  • IBL in Action
  • Lens distortion workflows part 1
  • Lens distortion workflows part 2
  • Painting with light using recursive ops
  • Plate clean up using the perspective surface inside of action
  • Play lock actions unsung hero
  • Stingray motion blur in batch
  • Syntheyes to smoke
  • The additive keyer hack
  • The group node in CFX
  • The overlooked revamped marker system
  • Using point position passes iside of CFX Bacth
  • Using Media Location Path Translation for Homework
  • Using Object Framing to Animate
  • flame to lustre -timewarp workflows
  • reverse segment connection using back clips
  • sharpening techniques
  • sharpening techniques
  • using action for look dev
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